APT Basilicata

APT Basilicata

Basilicata turistica

The Thermal Baths in Basilicata

In the so rich in natural and scenic beauty Basilicata there is also a host of spa springs with waters and muds to invigorate and restore well-being. The towns with fully-equipped spas are Rapolla in the Vulture area and Latronico in the National Park of Pollino.

Terme La Calda (La Calda spa)

Locality La Calda-Latronico - Tel. 0973/859179 - administration tel. and fax 0973/859201 - open from 1st June-15th October.

Although well-known in ancient times, the remedial properties of the waters from the Spring La Calda have only been put to use in a spa facility in recent years. Situated at 730 m a.s.l., in the town of Bagni (Baths!) 4 km from Latronico, the La Calda spa is easily reached from the Salerno-Reggio Calabria motorway (A3) taking the exit at Lauria for the Sinnica trunk road, SS 653 and proceeding on to Latronico approximately 15 km later. The La Calda spa thanks to the bicarbonate-calcic and the sulphureous-caicibicarbonate- bicarbonate springs offers baths, inhalation therapy, aerosols, nebulisation, irrigation, pulverisation, hydropinic treatments and balneal and mud therapies. A physiotherapy centre and a rehabilitation unit are fully functional, but also beauty and fitness centre as well as multi-sports centre with a swimming pool supplied by the spa waters and grottoes for exudation can be found there. The La Calda spa treats illnesses such as primary osteoarthrosis, fibromyositic rheumatism, ear, nose and throat complaints, respiratory diseases, illnesses associated with the digestive system, the liver and the biliary tracts, skin diseases and phlebopathy. In the free time it is possible to practice a multitude of sports or to take some breathtaking trips in the nearby National Park of Pollino, or yet again to enjoy the limpid, clear waters of the sea in Maratea and then savour the cuisine of the delicious Mediterranean.


Terme di Ala (Ala spa)

Via Melfi 142 - 85027 Rapolla - Tel. and fax 0972/760113 - open from May to the end of November.

The spa facilities were opened at the end of the XIX century right in the heart of medieval Rapolla. Located at 450 m a.s.l. Rapolla is easily reached from the Napoli-Bari Motorway (A16) taking the exit at Candela in the direction of Melfi. Or it is possible to take the Bologna-Bari Motorway (A14) as far as the junction with the Bari-Napoli (A16) just after Cerignola and then to carry on for the exit for Candela and on towards Melfi. By train if taking the Foggia-Potenza line it is advised to get off at Melfi (which is 6 km from Rapolla), or at the Rapolla station on the Spinazzola-Rocchetta line. The Ala spa exploits the natural resources of the calcicbicarbonate-sulphate-salt waters from three springs in the ‘Orto del Lago’ district of Rapolla. These waters are used in balneotherapy for the treatment of dysmetabolic complaints, neurovegetative dystonia, illness of the peripheral nervous system, some neurosis, dysendocrinia, the consequences of some diseases of the joints and chronic skin complaints. Inhalation therapy is the treatment for respiratory problems, complaints of the pharinx, and larynx, of the bronchial tracts, bronchial asthma and asmatic bronchitis. Inhalations promote the fluidification and elimination of residual mucous. The mud baths are ideal for the treatment of fibrocistic complaints such as sciatica, myalgia and peri-arthritic complaints, polyarticular osteoarthritis, spondylarthrosis, Heberden's nodes, rhyzoarthrosis, uricemic rheumatism, neuralgia, radiculalgia and neuritis due to osteoarthritis, gout of the joints, dysmetabolic atropathy of rheumatism, muscular rheumatism, myositis, abdominal residue resulting from cholecystectomy. Mud paths are also used for cosmetic and beauty treatments. Once again a wide variety of trips and excursions are available between one treatment and another. Rapolla is situated in the Vulture district, an area rich in history and natural beauty. And as if that were not enough, Rapolla and surroundings offer sports facilities such as tennis, swimming, horse-riding and the famous Italian 'bocce' (bowls) and the well-deserved replenishment after all this activity can be found in the very good restaurants and then for taste of the highly esteemed local wine, Aglianico del Vulture, DOC.